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Audiologist Instructions


Sleek Audio LLC
3904 9th Ave. W
Bradenton, FL 34205


 Sleek Audio Custom Earphone Impressions Information

  • Sleek Audio’s custom earphones are full shell earpieces that require a full impression including full helix, tragus and anti-tragus.
  • The impressions must be made of high-viscosity silicone.
  • We require a deep impression past the second bend.
  • We would also like the impressions to be made with the head slightly tilted up.
    • Mouth should be open wide when the impression material is injected into the ear.
    • Mouth should remain slightly open (preferably with a bite block) until the material cures completely.
    • Finished Impressions should have no large voids where the material did not come in contact with the ear.

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 For any questions please contact us at: 

Sleek Audio – www.sleek-audio.com

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