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Hearing preservation



With an extensive background in the hearing aid industry, one of our primary objectives as an audio company is to educate music lovers of the risks associated with enjoying music the way many of us prefer. We want to hear our music clearly, without the outside world interfering with our listening enjoyment….we want to be able to “Escape” into our music.


To facilitate this escape, many music lovers turn up the volume of their earphones in order to hear the music up and over the volumes of anything going on around them. For this reason, the average MP3 player is being listened to at a volume around 105-110 decibels (dB), which after as little as 30 minutes can cause PERMANENT damage to their hearing. Anything over 85dB over a period of time can cause hearing damage along with other negative physical effects.


When you’re traveling by plane you’re hearing anywhere between 85dB and 105dB of sound pending on where you’re sitting. After only 2 hours, auditory fatigue sets in. This is a nervous system reaction which causes the adrenal glands to pump out stress hormones such as cortisol. This is why, even if you’ve passed no time zones, you feel exhausted on a flight. It can take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours to recuperate from depending on the length of the flight. Our earphones eliminate auditory fatigue using ESC (Environmental Sound Control), which blocks out up to double the ambient noise of premium over-the-ear “noise canceling” headphones, allowing you to fly comfortably while enjoying every detail of your music at a safe volume.


Rule of thumb, don’t play your MP3 player over 75% volume. Use earphones, such as our products, that offer ESC, or other “passive” ambient sound protecting technology. If you can hear your child or friend’s music well from a few feet away, in as little as 30 minutes they could be causing themselves permanent hearing damage.


Shot Gun, 12-gauge 165  
Fireworks 145  
Jet (from 100 ft. away) 135  
Ambulance 125  
Live Concert 115  
Average Mp3 player volume 105  
Airplane noise (ranges up to over 100dB, or down to 85dB depending on where you're sitting) 95  
Lawn Mower 90  
Busy city traffic 85 Anything above 85dB can causes permanent hearing damage over time
Washing machine 75  
Typical speech 60  

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